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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I loved to work in solitude - M. Robbins

I loved to work in solitude
amidst my flowerbeds,
but Boots and Dolly, my two cats,
thought I was there for fun.

Had I found some weeds
near my iris bed?
Well, that was great to Dolly's mind -
"A neat new place to sleep!"

Had I dug a hole
for gladiola bulbs?
Then work must stop for Boot's white paws
had found a place to play.

I couldn't use the hoe,
Boots' tail was just too near; 
and if I had wanted to pull some moss,
Dolly would have stalked my hands.

That's the way I used to work
in lovely solitude;
but Boots and Dolly are no more -
and now I just work and cry!  
     M. Robbins