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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anybody born into a family of distinction

 Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.  Psalms 73:24

     Anybody born into a family of distinction needs plenty of guiding counsel.
     “But I’m not a part of this world’s ‘social elite,’” you might say.  “Surely, I don’t need a lot of counsel.”
     But, child of God, if you think that, remember what you’re forgetting.
     You’re forgetting to remember.....you’ve been washed in the blood of the Lamb.
     You’re forgetting to remember.....you’re a child of God.
     You’re forgetting to remember.....you’re His heir.
     And then remember what you’re forgetting.....you’re a joint-heir with Christ.
     And then on occasion, dear child of God, when the prosperity and lifestyle of others cause you to despair about your own humble earthly life, you’re forgetting to remember about heaven.....the glories ahead.....and the heavenly city which is to come.   
     Dear child of God, that is who you are:  you’re a child of God destined for God’s heaven and God’s glory.
     But here on earth you have crucial spiritual decisions to make.
     You also face moral, ethical and righteous situations which require spiritual action.      
     Then there are the daily situations which confront you requiring a Christian response.
     Oh sure, there will be times you may need the counsel of a lawyer, a medical doctor, a building expert, an interior decorator, an investment expert, etc.    
     But child of God, can’t you see that as a child of God you have need of counsel infinitely more than any of this world’s non-Christian rich and famous people?     
     And you cannot look within yourself for the type of counsel a Christian needs in order to live as a Christian.  You must look to God.....for only God can counsel your mind and spirit in the ways of His Spirit.  
     So, feed deeply upon His precious word, the Bible. 
     Let His word be sweet unto your spirit, your mind, and your heart. 
     And may you, with a prayerful spirit, always lean on, seek for and wait for His never failing counsel.   
     And be at peace.  For He, whose counsel standeth forever, will surely guide you with His counsel and afterward.....oh, glorious afterward.....He will receive you into glory!                                        
                                                                                           by M. Robbins

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